Farm Update: 2013 Plan

We have exciting plans for 2013!
Winter is delightful in many ways, including being a house-bound time to dream of productive summer projects! This June we plan to get electricity installed, put up a 24’ by 48’ pole barn machine shed, and also that wonderful 1925 Aermotor Windmill! We are super excited as the place will start to “look like a real farm!”

The machine shed will have a concrete floor with one half of the shed (24’ by 24’) enclosed and insulated. We can barely even dare to dream to have the ability to work inside a cozy shed with electricity and not out in the weather in gravel! We will also finally have all our farming equipment together and secured which will make us feel better and allow us to actually work on projects!

The windmill will be installed over the well and be connected to pump water…just like it was intended to do! We don’t have a cistern yet, but will use an above ground tank in the summer while we are there working on projects…and mowing…there is always weed mowing to be done!