Spokane & Farm Visit

In February we visited Spokane for about two weeks to see family, go to the Ag Expo, visit friends, and line up summer projects for the farm.
Stacy couldn’t resist getting up on this big beast at the Ag Expo…we could get it and do all our work in a couple of hours!

Virginia submitted four photos for the photo contest and didn’t win, but we did get free tickets!

We also finally put money down on a pole barn kit from Ziggy’s in Spokane. This will be the first structure (unless you count the 2011 shack) on the farm and will be our machine shed. It is 24’ wide by 48’ long with half enclosed as a work shop. The picture above is their 24’ by 24’ display model. Our garage door will be smaller and on the side. We plan to put it up in June.

We met with Avista to get a quote for running power to our site from our neighbor. It will be underground and installed in either May or June depending on weather. We also met with our electrician to set up the pedestal for Avista to connect to. Will be so great to get electricity!
Stacy and the Avista man out by the well talking about running the power line. There was about 9” of snow on the ground.
Thankfully we had our neighbor plow our driveway!

We also caught up with our windmill guy…everyone should have a windmill guy! He and his son will help us put up the Aermotor windmill in June.
Our windmill as it sits in two pieces! Can’t wait to get it pumping water on the farm!

Stacy also had time to do some tractor maintenance. He changed belts, repacked bearings, and fixed the mower bar.

We also had the chance to see our friends Kat and Monte Moore and their draft horses near Deer Park. They are fabulous artists…the Moores, not the draft horses… they have a wonderful barn!