Farm Update: May 2012

Had two productive weeks on the farm!
We were so excited to get back to the farm this spring! This was the first use of our Farmall Cub on the farm, and we were wondering if any of our grass/legume seed had decided to grow! Luckily, everything worked out and we had a wonderful time!
Getting to Spokane, we had to finish getting the tractor in order before proceeding to the farm.
Here we are unloading our Farmall Cub at our farm for the first time!

The 5' sickle-bar mower worked splendidly! Time to annihilate some weeds!

While on the farm, we took some soil samples to have tested by the Spokane County Conservation District. We found our soil ph is good (6.3 and 6.5) and we have good potassium and phosphorus, but low nitrogen. A couple of cows could help with that!

… And we bought a windmill! It had always been in our plans, but not quite so soon. This one kind of fell into our lap. At the Spokane Valley Heritage Fair, we met Hugh Grim. Hugh, and his wife, Dee, have the "Windmill Farm" in Garden Springs, near Spokane. They are windmill gurus, and had one available!

Here is Virginia with the windmill. It is a 8' Aermotor (model A-602) with a 27' tower (pictured above). It came from a farm in the Spokane Valley. We plan to put it up next year.

Enjoying a little down time in the "shack."

Virginia takes the Farmall Cub for a spin!

Stacy and his dad took a side trip down to Pomeroy, WA to salvage some parts of two old John Deere hay loaders. This is the same model of hay loader on our farm, and with the parts, we'll be able to get it running in 1st class condition, with spare parts to boot!

Back at the homestead. You can see our hay loader at right. 

A view of the homestead from up the hill.

Grass and Clover! While we still have our fair share of weeds, some of the Smooth Bromegrass and Red Clover we planted last year came up. This year, we also planted more Smooth Bromegrass and Alfalfa.

Virginia shows off before getting to work. Part of our driveway was getting a bit overgrown, so it was time to trim it back.

A lot of Quaking Aspens had to go. It is a "weed" tree, but pretty. We thinned a lot out, but kept the better ones.

Whew! That was a lot of work, but the driveway is much better. 

 The daily milk truck passing our farm and going through Bluecreek.  There are quite a few dairies located up the road from us.
We also dug out a few thistles that managed to find they're way on our land. If left unattended, they would grow taller than a man. We took 100 lbs of thistle to the dump.

A lot of our trees didn't make it, and deer are the likely culprit. So, we made cages to protect those that did, and mulched with newspaper. This is one of four lilacs that made it.

Hummingbird!  The sugar water isn't "bad", it just was the "raw" sugar Virginia had on hand made it look brown.

All buttoned up, leaving the homestead. Now we're back in Astoria...