Spring on the Farm

Stacy got back after another 7 weeks at sea, and we headed to the farm!
Our pastures are coming in nicely!


This is our new 16 ft travel trailer. Has instantly made trips to the farm so much more comfortable!
Stacy working on fencing. We are trying out Juniper posts. In a 1996 report from Oregon State University's fencepost farm (est. 1927), Juniper were expected to last at least 56 years in western Oregon's damp climate, and much longer on the East side of the Cascades.  Juniper was only out-performed by osage-orange which had no failure in almost 70 yrs!!! We plan to do all perimeter fencing with Juniper and steel posts.
IMG_0838 IMG_0858
Stacy’s “H” brace and barbless wire fencing with the Mighty Farmall Cub in the background. Local kids were cutting through in two places and riding motorbikes and snowmobiles…hopefully this will stop them.
Stacy by the well, with the new meter base to the right. Avista (local power company) should connect us in May and then we’ll have power! Dare to dream!
We also surveyed the spot for the 48'X24' pole barn using Stacy's grandfather's transit.

Sunset on the farm.

We are heading back at the end of May to put up the windmill and pole barn!!!