Pole Building

Our first true building on the farm!
Over a two week period we managed to put up our 24’ by 48’ pole barn kit without killing ourselves!
First, our wonderful neighbor (Butch) came over and helped auger the sixteen holes 3 feet deep for the posts.
Next, we had to stand up the 6” by 6” by 16’ and 18’ pressure treated posts in the holes. We used a board in the hole to guide the post (and not collapse the hole) and a “jig” post to help guide the top end of the post. Here Stacy and Virginia’s Dad (Bill Barker) raise a post.
Then we had to plumb and brace all the posts.
We backfilled all the holes with concrete. Whew, hard work, but those posts aren’t moving!!!IMG_1154
We started framing the girts and the trusses, as well as added gravel in the left half for a concrete floor.IMG_1173
We did the floor (24’ by 24’) in two pours. Here we are screeding the first pour.
Another wonderful neighbor (John) loaned us these ingenious boat winch contraptions that sat on top of the posts and easily hoisted up the trusses. This allowed us to assemble the trusses and purlins on the ground and simply raise up the entire section!!! So much better than trying to do that in the air.
Before finishing framing, Stacy had to trim the top of the posts with a chainsaw…on a ladder…10 feet in the air!!!
We eventually had the entire structure framed with the doors and windows. We also completed the second concrete pour including an approach apron in front of the garage door. Thank goodness we did the concrete before finishing the building because it would have been a nightmare to do it once the metal was added.
The left 24’ by 24’ end of the building is insulated with R-7 vinyl-backed fiberglass insulation common in pole buildings. It was quite a bear to put up, but will be well worth it!
Here is an inside picture showing the white vinyl backed insulation sandwiched between the framing and the metal.
Ta Da!!! See, it is as easy as that! Ok, not really, but here is the finished picture of the building. It was a lot of work, but we are really proud that we built it without any major injuries or a divorce. We are also very thankful that Virginia’s Dad came to help. Thanks, Bill!!!