North to Alaska! (again)

In summer 2014 we are moving to Ketchikan!
It seemed like it took forever, it always does, but we found out that the Coast Guard is transferring us to Ketchikan, Alaska in summer 2014! This was a number four pick on the list Stacy submitted to the USCG, and we would had loved to be in the Seattle/Everett area, but as we always say: “blank” is always better than Guam.
So now the mad dash begins to get the report date (in June) figured out, plan a moving route, pack everything, finish projects on the farm, and head north! Our main project this year is fencing. We are getting an official survey done, and putting in a solid exterior fence (later entry on all this).
More about Ketchikan...As you can see on the map, Ketchikan is about 1/2 way up British Columbia. It is practically the farthest South you can be in Alaska and still be in Alaska. It is a population around 8,000 and the weather is similar to what we have here in Astoria: year round cool with rain. Ketchikan also has the largest collection of Totem poles in the world. And of course, there is lots of salmon. Yum! Also, it is only a short 5 hr ferry (to British Columbia) and a 20 hour drive to our farm. Easy, peasy.
Pasted Graphic 2
Stacy will be stationed on a buoy tender that works the buoys and shore aids in the inside passage that goes through all the islands. He was stationed in Petersburg over a decade ago, so this is like a trip back in time for him. We are both excited about the move and the town.