Summer Projects

Worked on many projects this last visit...
As you can see from Stacy precariously hanging onto the windmill, we had some little “housekeeping” to attend to during this visit. Of course this isn’t as glamorous as throwing up a pole barn and windmill in two weeks, but it was nice to have time to enjoy the farm and finish projects.

Actually, Stacy has been trained for tower climbing in the Coast Guard, so he was safer than it appears in the above photo. He was tightening all the bolts on the windmill tower to make sure it was ready for the winter. We do plan to buy a safety harness for next summer, as he will have to climb up all the way to the top to add oil to the rotating mechanism.

We also had to finish installing the garage door. The door was in place and secure, but we didn’t have the right pieces for the spring-assist mechanism. So, every time we wanted to lift the door we had to manhandle it up and brace it with boards. Plus, the back of the track was held in place by ratchet straps…which behind baling twine and cotter pins are probably one of the most helpful items on the farm.
Ta da! We got the right part and finished the installation…no more bicep workouts or ratchet straps!

Stacy also repainted and beefed up the old utility trailer we bought this spring.

He also had to wash the tractor. It can get a bit dusty in late summer with less rain.

We also moved all of our salvaged equipment from the center of the driveway to under the open section of the pole barn. IMG_1393

So glad to get that stuff under cover and it also improves the look of our place.