December Visit

Short winter visit!
We were able to get away from the coast during the Christmas holiday and see family in Spokane. We also headed North to check on our farm and see neighbors. We were especially curious to see how our pole building was holding up and to check on the land.
The winter has been a bit light in snow this year, and so there wasn’t that much when we stopped by. Which was good, as we were driving our front-wheel drive Jeep. The building was doing great! We put a lot of work in building it as good as we could this past summer. It is SO nice to actually have a structure on the farm (sorry shack) that we can work in and store items.
Also, having the open section allows storage of our hayloader, and hay rake which gives them more protection. Our plan is to wall in the sides and eventually add big sliding doors.
It started snowing while we were there and we enjoyed walking around.

There were also quite a flock of wild turkeys! Here they are on our pasture, and below on the road by our driveway!
Later we did have to put our chains on to go up a road to visit a neighbor.