Farm Visit: NC Farm Tour

Went on the North Carolina Piedmont Farm Tour with our friends Chris & Stephanie Geddings:
Touted as the largest farm tour in America, the NC Piedmont Farm Tour ( certainly is well organized and has much to choose from. We buy a button (the kind that pins on your coat) for the car for $25, then you pick where you want to go. We mainly focused on small vegetable and dairy farms. The Geddings are planning their own small farm enterprise in North Carolina (though, we keep trying to hoodwink them to the great Northwest) and so it was wonderful to visit farms together. We spent the entire two days constantly talking about our plans! The farm visits were instructive on two counts: first it was great to see what worked and didn’t work in real practice, second, it was interesting to see how the farm tour was organized and managed (because you know, Virginia already has ideas about a Colville Valley Farm Tour). We really miss the Geddings!