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Official Survey completed!
Ever since we bought the land in 2010, we have wanted to get a survey done. The entire property was already fenced, so the perimeter was pretty established, but the fences were very old in some parts. Since we are putting in new perimeter fencing this year, we decided to bite the bullet and get an official survey completed. Our property zig zags on the south and east as it goes along properties in the town of Bluecreek. We definitely needed the survey before putting in new fences.

Our surveyor certainly had his work cut out for him! There was no survey on record for our property or our neighbors. He had a thick folder of research and documents to verify the property line. For the most part, the old fence line was correct, but in a few places we have to move it. Also, we thought we had almost 41 acres, but it ended up being about 39. The survey cost a couple thousand dollars, but gives us piece of mind when putting in our fence and makes better neighbors. We used Thomas Todd out of Colville and highly recommend him.