The Land
In the Spring of 2010, we bought 39 acres in Bluecreek, WA located in the Colville Valley six miles northwest of Chewelah (approximately an hour north of Spokane). Finding good land was a major step in setting up the dairy. We are currently growing hay and working on establishing the pastures. We are learning a lot!

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Video of our Farm thus far:

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Past Meets Present
Our family has a strong agricultural connection to the area.

Stacy’s great-great grandparents, John and Doretta Diedrich settled near Chewelah. On the left is a photo of their house in Sand Canyon near Chewelah taken in 1908.


Stacy’s great-grandparents, Arthur Mont and Esther (Diedrich) Thomas had a farm on the Half Moon Prairie north of Spokane. Pictured on the right is Arthur Mont and his son, Arthur, with their team Babe and Sport.