Jersey Cows

We plan to milk up to 12 Jersey cows and product enough milk for about 200 families weekly.

We'll bottle milk in glass bottles and deliver it locally. We also plan to make some cheese.

Jersey Info

Here Virginia gets cozy with some cows during a field walk at a friend's farm.
Draft Horses

Although we have our beloved Farmall Cub tractor and New Holland Workmaster 40HP with a loader, we do look forward to working with draft horses on the farm.

We had a wonderful
workshop with Doc Hammill and his partner Cathy Greatorex in Montana learning all about draft horse care, harnessing, driving and communication. They will be particularly helpful on the hilly areas of our farm and reduce soil compaction.

We are interested in Norwegian Fjords due to there size and personality.

Info about Norwegian Fjords

Here Virginia practices ground-driving a Norwegian Fjord with instruction by Cathy.
Other Animals

Although we plan to primarily be a dairy, it is important to us to be diversified. This diversification will benefit our farm both ecologically and economically.

We plan to add sheep, pigs, ducks, chickens, and bees.
Each of these will play a crucial roll in pasture maintenance and will reduce needs for off farm inputs. It will also create other earning opportunities.

We still have a lot to learn!

Painting by Bonnie Mohr